David McMillan from Meeple Mountain

If you were to ask me which I preferred, Codenames or Codenames Duet, I’d choose Codenames Duet every time. Then again, I mostly play games with my wife, so maybe I’m a little biased towards the game that allows me to do so. Either way, Codenames Duet gets a thumbs up from me.

Forrest Bower from Bower's Game Corner

Oh, my Gosh, this game is a genius and I love this game. I'm giving this a huge recommendation. And if you play two player games this is almost a must own game in my humble opinion as long as you ie the original Codenames.

Dan King from Game Boy Geek

Wow, I love it. So if you like Codenames and if you’re at all gonna be played over two players this is kind of no-brainer insta buy. Huge thumbs up and actually this made my top 10 most anticipated games of the year.

Tom Vasel and Jason Levine from Dice Tower

Tom: I like this is a cooperative game. It's very intriguing to go back and forth with one other person.
Jason: You get a phenomenal two-player game and I'm giving it an awesomeness rating of 9! I love this. If you like Codenames and you can't always find four people you will absolutely love this.