Rahdo Runs Through

This is maybe the most important breakthrough board game that is gonna be released in 2014.

Tom Vasel from Dice Tower

The app works incredibly well. You can see the comedy in the game and the theme really come strongly through. Love this game. Excellent game. Highly recommended.

Tony Mastrangeli from Board Game Quest

An innovative and engaging euro game that uses technology in a way that improves the game so much that I wouldn’t want to play it without.

The Little Metal Dog Show: Bitches Brew – Alchemists review

Alchemists, frankly, is my up there amongst my favorite games of the year. It’s beautiful, challenging, meaty, nasty, deduction-filled, glorious Game of the Year worthy brilliance.

Antonios S. from RPG.net

It is definitely the best deduction game on the market and one of the best worker placement games of the last few years. In other words, this is a true gamer's game. Its theme fits the rules perfectly for a fully immersive experience.