Last Will

Can you waste it all?

So a big thumbs up from me. Already one of my favourite games of the year and one I can see myself playing a lot more.

John Bandettini

Opinionated Gamers: Last Will Review

Last Will not only has a novel theme, but the flow of the game feels fresh and original.

Greg Schloesser

Video Review: Last Will

Starlit Citadel

Last Will Video Review

Stephen Keller

Last Will – Temat wart każdych pieniędzy

polska recenzję

Daniel 'ScripterYoda' Oklesiński

Review – Last Will

Kevin O'Sullivan

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Shut Up & Sit Down review

…no game we have ever covered on Shut Up & Sit Down offers more excitement per minute than Pictomania.

Quinns, Paul

Review – Pictomania

Kevin O'Sullivan

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Pictomania: Draw a Blank


Travel Blog

Detailed review by Dale Yu

It is quickly taught, easily played…  a nice addition to the CGE/Z-Man lines providing those companies with a more accessible, light family-oriented game.

Dale Yu

Ender’s Comprehensive Pictorial Overview: Tired of old, well-worn themes? Vlaada Chvátil brings us something genuinely new!

It has strong potential to please both gamers and non-gamers alike, and give them a level playing field, which I consider a real asset. So if you’re looking for something that can be played in under 30 minutes, has a novel theme, competitive gameplay, and educational elements, definitely check out Vlaada Chvátil’s Travel Blog!

Ender Wiggins

Video review

Alex Berry

Travel Blog – videocast #64

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20th Century

Review: 20th Century

I like this one a lot. There are plenty of good choices to be made in the game, and there seem to be multiple paths to victory – so each player can explore the game space in their own way and still have a chance to be successful.

Doug Garrett

Das 20. Jahrhundert

Wir können es jedenfalls kaum erwarten, bei nächster Gelegenheit eine Revanchepartie mit der fertigen Ausgabe des tollen Spiels in Angriff nehmen zu können!

Bernhard Zaugg

20th Century – Kafelki plus licytacja równa się… ekologia!

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Daniel 'ScripterYoda' Oklesiński

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Sneaks & Snitches

Tom Vasel Videoreview

…it is lots of fun, because it goes so quickly…

Tom Vassel

Vlaada’s underappreciated gem – Sneaks & Snitches

While the rules are clean and straight-forward, the decision making very rarely is and that’s the kind of game I truly love.


Review: Sneaks and Snitches

It might not be the epic experience author’s name might suggest, but it is undeniably fun and involving.

Lt. David Welsh

Coup Royale

Peter Taschner

Review: Sneaks and Snitches

It was a really pleasant surprise and the game really worked for me.


Sneaks & Snitches Video Review

Board to Death TV

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Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Petz, or Pets spelled with AWEZOME

I think Dungeon Petz is a genius design. It demonstrates the best integration of theme and mechanics I have ever played.


Detailed review by Doug Adams on Kulkman’s Gamebox

Once learnt though, the game is quite easy to play. There is a lot of game to explore here…

Doug Adams

Rules preview by Kriss Hall on BGN

The rules were funny. Maybe not laugh-out-loud funny, but they provoked a smile plenty of times, and when was the last time that a set of rules did that?

Kriss Hall

Dungeon Lords

Rezension in deutsch

Thomas Nezold

Dungeon Lords review on

Dutch review


Dungeon Lords Video Review

Board to Death TV

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Euro all dressed up


Shipyard Die Werft

Alles in allem ist “die Werft” ein komplexes, aber flüssig zu spielendes Strategiespiel mit Wiederholungsfaktor.

Jens Die Werft

"Die Werft" ist somit wieder ein gelungenes und empfehlenswertes Spiel des tschechischen Autors Vladimir Suchy, das man auf jeden Fall mal ausprobieren sollte.


Reich der Spiele: Die Werft

Die Werft ist ein tolles Strategiespiel mit einem absolut funktionierenden Spielprinzip, das langanhaltenden Spielspaß garantiert.

Christoph Brandt Die Werft

Auch wenn der kühle Titel eher abweisend wirkt, können wir Die Werft nur wärmstens empfehlen. Das Thema ist unverbraucht, das Material umfangreich und die Einflussmöglichkeiten sind immens.

Carsten Pinnow

Die Pöppelkiste: Die Werft

Die Werft ist einkomplexes, dennoch eingängiges, wunderbar funktionierendes Strategiespiel, das ganz ohne Würfel oder Ereigniskarten auskommt.

Manfred Wahl

Hall9000: Die Werft

Für mich eines der Highlights der Spielemesse Essen 2009, auch wenn es bei den Scoutaktionen nicht unter den absoluten Top-Favoriten gehandelt wurde – leider.

Michael Dombrowski

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Space Alert

Space Alert review on Kulkmann’s G@mebox

Kulkmans Gamebox: SpaceAlertWOW! I have rarely played a game which is as fast paced as Space Alert, and the game offers an absolutely authentic and captivating playing atmosphere.

Frank Schulte-Kulkmann

Brettspiele Report: Space Alert

"Space Alert" ist wirklich mal eine ganz andere Art von Brettspiel.

Jörg Lehmann

Box of Delights Presents… Space Alert

Video play-through

Box of Delights

Ringbote: Space Alert

ringboteSpace Alert ist ein spielenswerter Mix aus Kommunikations-, Strategie- und Zeitbegrenzungsspiel geworden, welches mit der richtigen Raumschiffcrew lang anhaltenden Spaß bietet – garantiert länger als die 10 Minuten pro Mission.

Lars Jeske

Review at Drake’s Flames by Matt Drake

drakesFlamesImagine you and four friends are in a giant hamster ball… Now imagine that the hamster ball is careening down the Alps, bouncing off trees and skiers and dogs with whiskey barrels on their collars…  Now imagine that you have to control this insane spherical avalanche of chaos, and that’s Space Alert.

Matt Drake

Chaos im Weltraum

FAIRspieltMit Space Alert bekommt man ein kooperatives Spiel geboten, das wie kein anderes Spiel die Teamarbeit fördert und fordert.

Benjamin Törck

Space Alert: 10 minutes of frantic–and fun–teamwork

There is so much happening and so many things that happen at once that it’s a challenge to work together well enough that the guns stay firing and the shields stay up.

Mike Hulsebus

Have You Heard of Space Alert

Then the computer announced a serious threat. We flipped the card, revealing some hideous enemy ship that got a boost to its shields every time we damaged it, and my eager crew looked up at me for instructions.


Space Alert review on

Dutch review


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Solo Play Review


Galaxy Trucker - The Big Expansion

Hall9000: Galaxy Trucker: Die große Erweiterung

hall9000Ich kann für jeden Trucker nur eine absolute Kaufempfehlung ausprechen.

Rene Puttin

Ringbote: Galaxy Trucker – Die GROßE Erweiterung

ringboteDie Erweiterung ist wirklich GROß. … Für jeden leidenschaftlichen Raumschiffkapitän ist „Galaxy Trucker – Die GROßE Erweiterung“ eine uneingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung. Galaktisch gut!

Peter Berneiser

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Galaxy Trucker

A videoreview by Colin Sherman from Obsessed with Gaming

19-obsessed_with_gaming_logo"… I am giving a highest rating I have given to date – 9.8. Why I am not giving a 10? Because with expansion it is a 10…"

Colin Sherman

First Impression by W. Eric Martin on Boardgame News

2-boardgamenews_logoMore spacey than Space Dealer, more fun than Factory Fun, Galaxy Trucker is a blast of entertainment…

W. Eric Martin

Preview by Aaron Haag on Westpark Gamers

3-westpark_iconGalaxy Trucker is a very enjoyable game and definitely one of the best sci-fi games I have played since a long time.

Aaron Haag

A videoreview by Farid Widjaya on Basement Boardgamer

basementBoardgamer-GT"… it is excelent game, it is great game, it has lot of beautiful components, it plays quickly, it is superfun… I will give this game a solid 9…"

Farid Widjaya

Galaxy Trucker

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Galaxy Trucker: the game where you can have a fun time losing

One of the most fun parts of the game is when things go wrong.

Mike Hulsebus

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Why buy this game?


Ok game, but…


League of Six

Westpark Gamers: League of Six preview

3-westpark_iconLeague of Six is an organic combination of new and well-known game mechanics with just the right amount of luck involved to make it a very well balanced and highly attractive whole. Highly recommended!

Aaron Haag

Westpark Gamers: League of Six preview in German

3-westpark_iconSechsstädtebund mit seiner organischen Kombination aus bekannten und neuen Mechanismen angereichert mit Planungs- und Zufallselementen ist ein sehr gut ausbalanciertes Ganzes mit hohem Spielreiz. Sehr empfohlen!

Aaron Haag

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