Naomi from Casual Game Revolution

Both giving the clues and guessing is challenging and enjoyable, and the fact that you get to take on both roles in a game of Codenames Duet is a great feature.

Ashley Gariepy from Meeple Mountain

The ridiculous tabletop banter is pretty much eliminated but is instead replaced with tension and fear since every move you make is crucial. I understand now why there is room on a board game shelf for both Codenames Duet and Codenames.

David McMillan from Meeple Mountain

If you were to ask me which I preferred, Codenames or Codenames Duet, I’d choose Codenames Duet every time. Then again, I mostly play games with my wife, so maybe I’m a little biased towards the game that allows me to do so. Either way, Codenames Duet gets a thumbs up from me.

Forrest Bower from Bower's Game Corner

Oh, my Gosh, this game is a genius and I love this game. I'm giving this a huge recommendation. And if you play two player games this is almost a must own game in my humble opinion as long as you ie the original Codenames.

Dan King from Game Boy Geek

Wow, I love it. So if you like Codenames and if you’re at all gonna be played over two players this is kind of no-brainer insta buy. Huge thumbs up and actually this made my top 10 most anticipated games of the year.

Tom Vasel and Jason Levine from Dice Tower

Tom: I like this is a cooperative game. It's very intriguing to go back and forth with one other person.
Jason: You get a phenomenal two-player game and I'm giving it an awesomeness rating of 9! I love this. If you like Codenames and you can't always find four people you will absolutely love this.

GeekInsight from Geek & Sundry

This is a strong evolution in Codenames play. Duet takes the basic idea and improves nearly every aspect of the ruleset and gaming experience.

Ronny Alexander from Co-Op Board Gamers

Codenames Duet is an excellent two-player deduction game. I’ve had a chance to play it with about 10 other people and all of them wanted to play again and again and again and again.
Codenames Duet is already on our Top 5 Co-ops for Two Players list. That’s how much we’ve enjoyed this game.

Oliver East from Just Push Start

The same gameplay of the original game holds up extremely well, considering the shift from a competitive to cooperative board game. The essence of the game is still shining strong.
You get the same satisfaction from giving great links and guessing those tenuous ones as before.

Grace from Miniature Market

The way that the key cards and back-and-forth clue giving captures that exciting pressure in a 2-player design is impressive.