Zee Garcia from The Dice Tower

Codenames: Pictures takes the whole system and really moves it towards the party welcoming vibe... Thumbs up from me!

Joshua Githens and W. Eric Martin

Introducing Codenames: Pictures at Origins 2016

Tom Vasel from Dice Tower

I think they did a great job in the artwork. It's super fun. I love it alot!

First impressions from the Game Boy Geek

If you played Codenames and you just thought it moved a little too slow but you like the idea – Boom! – This is for you!

Chris Wray from Opinionated Gamers

It captures all the fun of the original design, but adds a clever twist by using exceptionally-well designed pictures. I love so much about this game: how quickly it plays, how easy it is to teach, how tense it is, and how it appeals to both gamers and non-gamers alike.