Is this all?
At the beginning of the war, CGE supported Ukraine's government with funds gained from all of its Russian market sales throughout the company's 15-year history.

Making games, and this bilingual Codenames edition in particular, is a small step in how we want to show our support.

Thank you for being considerate and helpful to those in need. Make games, not war.

  Ukrainian pages  |    Czech pages

If you don't know Codenames at all:

Codenames is an award-winning word deduction party game for two teams. Only the leaders of each team, aka "Spymasters," get to see the grid key that shows which of the word cards on the table (originally in a 5×5 grid) belong to which team. Spymasters then use one-word hints to try to help their team to be the first to find all their own agents in the field.

About this exceptional project:
The Ukrainian-Czech version of the game Codenames was created to support war refugees and the people who help them. It is not for sale and is distributed to those who want to find fun and common ground in their new homes.

Ukraine and Czech gamers will learn new words quickly with the phonetic transcriptions on each card. Words might sound familiar since both languages are quite similar in pronunciation. After turning the card over, they can check the word translation and learn the meaning.

This way, we can build a fun and easier way to understand each other, even in these hard times.