Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower

If you’re like me, sometimes a game is just so silly fun that I don’t care about everything else. I love the aspect of building your ship and then just watching helplessly and amusedly different sections come off, or it survives, in which case you feel like: “Yes, I’m the greatest shipbuilder ever!” It’s good entertainment, and it doesn’t take very long at all.

Quintin Smith of Shut Up & Sit Down

Honestly, the biggest change is that all the components are nicer and look prettier and perhaps more importantly they've squeezed the game into a smaller box, which I'm a huge fan of. There are a few extra components, there are some balanced tweaks, there's this new little achievement system…

Jonathan and Mackenzie of TerreDice Games

Overall we did enjoy this game and we think it's a great game for friends and family, and a group of people to get together who just want to have fun. It's awesome!

Fox Troilo of LRM Online

There’s just something so immensely satisfying at building your pride and joy…only to see it get pummeled during flight. But even the second phase is joyous given the incredible suspense. …
The replay, enjoyment, and engagement values are off-the-chart, making this a highly recommended addition to your game collection.
Final Grade: A

Andrew Borck of Geeks under Grace

Luckily game rounds are quick and easily reset, so even the most dismayed intergalactic transporter can try again soon enough. If you like tile-laying games with a little bit of random chaos thrown in, check out the new edition of Galaxy Trucker.

Josh Kaplan of The Board Game Kaptain

The gameplay is very intuitive… This could be a great icebreaker on the game night. You know, people are like, oh, I've wanted to try Galaxy Trucker. Okay, I'll teach you guys how to play. Let's pull it out. Let's play some. And you could easily play one in half an hour.

Danijel Ljubas of Life of a Board Gamer

I like it. I think it's a great edition. If you are a fan of the galaxy Trucker like I am, you want to get this one and if you just discovered this game and you're like "Should I go into this game or not?". Definitely do and go with the new edition…

Chris Baylis of Games Gazette Online

It's fast, it's fun, it's a who cares who wins, because it's so enjoyable, and it's inexpensive... With the quality of the components, the 'three-sided-board' and the additional fun in painting the astronauts the lower end of the pricing is excellent, the top end is still very good value.

Wouter van Strien of Tabletopping

The first phase of the game plays as a real time puzzle, sometimes a bit chaotic, while the second phase rather plays itself a bit, with the player trying their best to stay alive.
It’s this nice mix that makes Galaxy Trucker a game that’s unique in its kind!

Trent Howell of The Board Game Family

Overall, Galaxy Trucker is a fun tile-laying board game with some frantic moments, a bit of chaos, and a slight learning curve to get off the ground.

Nicole Brady of Sahm Reviews

After playing the revised version, it no longer is on my list of games I would avoid playing. It is, however, still on my list of games that require careful selection of opponents. If you enjoy games that require quick thinking, dexterity and have a bit of a puzzle-ish feel, give the new Galaxy Trucker a try.

Jazz Paladin of Everything Board Games

In fact, I would say that one of the main (if not the main) selling point of this game is that there is near zero down time for players since most of the game actions are taken or resolved simultaneously. And the game sets up and ends so quickly that even if you lose, there is no time to be a sore loser, because you could easily be up and running again in a mere minute or two. Not every game can do that.