2012-09-13Announcing Galaxy Trucker for Spiel’12

“Control tower, this is trucker transport Golf Tango Alfa Bravo Echo ready for takeoff, launch pad es en two zero one two” *click*
“Golf Tango Alfa Bravo Echo, control tower, you are cleared for takeoff, ascent vector one zero one eight, Checkpoint Gamma Eridani.” *fzzt*
“Internal sensors show just the normal bugs, Tower. All engines running… mostly…” *click*
“Trucker transport, be advised, a part of your ship just fell off!” *fzzt*
“Faulty connection happens, Tower. She will hold together.” *click*
“We have a liftoff. Good luck and godspeed.” *fzzt*
“It’s about time!”

Czech Games Edition is proud to announce Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion will be released at Spiel 2012 in Essen. New adventures and challenges await you in the far reaches of the Periphery!

Galaxy Trucker was the first game we produced and we are still surprised and thrilled how well it was received by the gaming community. It is surely one of our most successful and most played games. We receive great feedback from satisfied players and it makes us very proud.
We want to give something back to our loyal fans.

We will also release Galaxy Trucker: 5th Anniversary Edition. A big box full of everything a dedicated trucker needs – the CORE game with BOTH expansions and EXTRA stuff! A limited number of copies will be available.

For us here at CGE it is an anniversary for both Galaxy Trucker and our company as a whole. We hope you will be as excited as us, when you open the new box! Be the first one to pick it up at Spiel’12!