2014-09-04Everfrost - new Tash-Kalar expansion deck

Tash-Kalar - EverfrostWe are happy to announce that we plan on releasing a new Tash-Kalar expansion deck named Everfrost in Essen 2014!

The new Everfrost deck contains new powerful beings that live in the frozen lands of never-ending winter, on snow plains, cold mountains or in palaces of ice.

The new interesting and unique effects of the Everfrost beings (marked by the little snowflake) introduce a new mechanic - frozen effects. Frozen effects do not have to be performed immediately when the being was summoned, a player may store them for later and use them at the right moment to get a tactical advantage.

Tash-Kalar - Everfrost: Glacier Giant  Tash-Kalar - Everfrost: Ice Wyvern  Tash-Kalar - Everfrost: Crystal Grower  Tash-Kalar - Everfrost: Ice Queen 

And last but not least, the deck contains another set of chillingly beautiful illustrations from David Cochard.