2014-10-13Final thoughts from Essen

Final thoughts from Essen

Hey Essen attendees, board gamers and fans!

Essen is over and we are all safely back and ready to roll again. Before the dust settles, let us say a few words about this year's Spiel fair.

The first is definitely a big Thank you! What we experienced this year in Essen was beyond anything we could have imagined. We had a lot of faith in this year's main title, Alchemists, and we brought more copies to Essen than any other year, but still - they were sold out by the second day of the show! At the end of the show, almost all our titles were sold out, and this demand both surprised and pleased us. We put a lot of care into our games, and it is sooo nice to see you gamers appreciate that!

So thank you for being there with us and making this Essen a huge success.

Secondly, we are aware that there's the other side of these happy news - we are sorry that not all of you were able to get all of the games you wanted. We are working hard to get them ready for you as soon as possible.

Final thoughts from Essen - Alchemists are gone!

A new batch of Alchemists is being printed as we speak and will be sent to our distribution partners and retailers within a few weeks, so even you guys overseas should be able to get the games before Christmas. The new edition of Tash-Kalar and its expansion is about to hit your shores even sooner, and should be available in November, together with other CGE titles. Also in November, both Alchemists and the other games should be available in Europe.

So thank you yet again. It was a great 4 days filled with playing, demoing, and having fun with you! See you again next year.

CGE Team