2014-11-15Alchemists language variations

Alchemists language variations

Our fans who visited Essen already know that Alchemists are being published in German and English language. But the rest of you, who couldn't be there with us, might be wondering if you should get the Alchemists as soon as you see it in store or you should wait for your language to get a chance. We're happy to say that most of our previous partners have shown interest in publishing the game in their language. For now, we can confirm that Alchemists will be available in these languages:

German - Danke schön Heidelberger!
Czech - Děkujeme MINDOKu!
French- Merci Iello!
Spanish - Gracias Devir!
Polish - Dzięki Rebel!
Romanian - Mulțumesc Lex!
Portuguesse - Obrigado Devir!
Korean - 감사합니다 Korean Board Games !
Italian - Grazie Cranio Creations!
Japanese - ありがとう Arclight!
English - We're publishing it ourselves! :)

We are also discussing the possibility to publish the game in even more languages. We will let you know as soon as we have more info on that.