Galaxy Trucker is now available also for Windows Phone!

Galaxy Trucker is now available also for Windows Phone!

We have great news for owners of Windows Phone devices! You may now join the ranks of iOS, Android and Kindle Fire players – Galaxy Trucker is now available also for Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1.

During the first two weeks, you can buy the app for a special price! Get the Windows Phone version for just $ 2.99 in the store until April 17th, 2015.

Enjoy addictive spaceship building in either turn-based or real-time mode, and a wild ride through meteoric fields, space pirates and other cosmic adventures. Explore the galaxy and meet many lovely characters and unique challenges in an extensive campaign. Beat a dozen AI personalities and gain 80 achievements.

Play with your friends on one device or challenge players all around the world for a multiplatform, multiplayer game. Yes, that's right, you will be able to play with all Galaxy Trucker players, regardless of what device they use.

The app was named game of the year 2014 by Pocket Tactics and and awarded the VideoGameGeek Award for Most Innovative Game.

Join those who already know that it's worth it and be more than just the captain of a spaceship. Be the Trucker!

Get your game on Windows Phone Store just for $ 2.99 until April 17th.

"The other truckers await you online. Meet them, play against them – real-time or turn based, live-play or asynchronous, short or long games. Build awesome ships, enjoy the flight, climb the ranks. To help you to become a veteran faster:
Any game started until the end of April will grant you twice as much experience, as long as at least one player of rank 1-5 is included."