Alchemists App Update

Alchemists App Update

Dear Alchemists players,

As all true Alchemists explore and improve their knowledge, we continue to refine things for your enjoyment of the game. That´s why we want to inform you about an update of the Alchemists app algorithm.

Some ultra-clever Alchemists were able to decrypt the previous codes and use them to recognize one of the ingredients. Thus, they were able to cheat - which is not really fun. Ok, it could be fun for them but it is not quite fair, right? :)

So now it is improved! The app algorithm is changed and you don´t have be afraid that your rival players will know more than they should. All you need to do is to update your app to the newest version. And if you play with more than one device during a game, please make sure that all of them have the same updated version of the app, otherwise the code may generate different results.

Keep mixing those ingredients and explore the secrets of the universe!