Through the Ages release update

Through the Ages release updateAllow us to update you on the release of the Through the Ages app for Android and iOS, mainly answering the question: ”Why isn’t it available RIGHT NOW?!”

CGE digital completed the app a few days ago, but before we can put it up on the App Store it has to go through an approval process at Apple. This process usually takes up to two days (which we counted on in our schedule), but a short while ago, Apple decided to reject the app for minor problems. We had to change some things and the whole approval process started over.

Long story short: If everything goes smoothly (especially at Apple), we will release on both platforms today at 5 pm GMT. If not, only Android will go live and the iOS version later.

Fun Fact: The reason for the App Store rejection is quite humorous, even though the app is available only in English and Czech, the reason given was the inability to write Chinese characters in the profile. FYI, the same “abnormality” is in our Galaxy Trucker app for more than 2 years now. Just don't tell Apple about it!

We are really sorry for those who took a break from work and also those who already have broken their F5 key. Don't worry, soon you’ll be able to enjoy building civilizations on your mobile devices.