2017: Flashbacks

2017: FlashbacksThe year 2017 is slowly coming to an end, the year when Czech Games Edition celebrated 10 years of the existence, publishing our games and being a part of the great community of board gamers.

This year was hectic for our in-house digital department. The Through the Ages digital implementation was released and has been enjoying great popularity among both players and reviewers. Thank you.

This year, we have tried to appeal to gamers of all different tastes, with these titles:

  • Pulsar 2849, a brand new euro-style game with dice drafting and constructing energy transmitters. Awarded the Seal of Excellence by the Dice Tower.
  • That's a Question!, a new party game from Vlaada Chvatil will allow you to learn new things about your friends.
  • Tash-Kalar: Etherweave, another expansion in which the new Warp Effect allows you to use the effect of an arcane being, that will be summoned in future, right now!
  • And don't forget the very first novel published by CGE, Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road. Based on the well-known game and written by our chief rules writer, Jason A. Holt.

Codenames defended its first position among Party Games on BGG, accompanied by Codenames: Duet and followed by Codenames: Pictures. It's nice to see the Codenames family together.

We wish you a great time with your friends, family and board games for the rest of this year, and beyond.

As a small gift, you can download and print out our calendar for 2018. See you next year!