Pulsar 2849 as a one of EuropeMaster'18 nominees

Pulsar 2849 as a one of EuropeMaster'18 nomineesWe are thrilled to announce that Pulsar 2849 was picked as one of the nominees to become the part of EuropeMasters 2018!

EuropeMasters has been around for 30 years and is one of the oldest and also the largest international boardgame tournaments in the world. It is hosted at the Spiel in Essen, where teams compete for the European Championship title.

EuropeMasters talks about the selection process: "The 4 tournament games to be played at the tournament will be selected from the nominee list. Each year we aim to have an interesting mix of gaming mechanisms, where we are restricted by overall playing time and availability."

It means that there is a chance that you could use your refined strategy of dice drafting and mining the Pulsar energy, become one of 152 participants and even the EuropeMasters Winner. Sounds even cooler than a head of the space mining company, right?

Here is the qualification contact information. We will definitely let you know more details as soon as we get them.