Gen Con, yes we can!

Preparations for the greatest american gaming event are culminating. Shall we enter the imaginary door of room 236 and walk through what we will have there for you?

Codenames XXLCodenames XXL – you might have seen copies of this huge edition of Codenames since CGE released it at Origins a little more than a month ago. It's still the same game, same fun, just bigger. Still not sure you need this in your life? Just find a place at our demoing table and get the feel of the massive cards on the table. Just be aware that random passers-by could join you out of nowhere. The big game is simply inviting and more accessible. Cost is $39.95.

PictomaniaPictomania – the revised edition of the family/party drawing game, where players sketch the essence of the word with a few quick lines, and try to guess the others' drawings while there's still time. Does it sound too chaotic and crazy? Guilty. There's no time to draw a complex masterpiece.
Compared to the original game, all the word cards have been revised for this new edition with a brand new look. It’s also half the price of the original, $19.95.

Also don't forget, we are running a BoardGameGeek contest this week. Unlike the past, we've avoided our favorite brain-melting questions. Pictomania is more about fun and right guesses, so take your chance to win one of 10 shiny new games.

(For those who Gen Can't this year and passing through Prague by chance, stop at Bohemian Boards & Brews and get a chance to exclusively play the new Pictomania.)

We certainly have to mention other games available for demoing among all of the classic titles we have released over the years:

Adrenaline: Team Play DLCAdrenaline: Team Play DLC – The Essen'18 release title of the long-awaited expansion of the first-person shooter board game. We are adding a sixth player along with character-specific weapons and abilities unique for each character. We also have a new Adrenaline Rush system to boost the epic shot. All of these will help you enjoy creating more sophisticated strikes.

TrapwordsTrapwords – a fun and fast-paced party game for two teams, who simultaneously prepare their lists of trapwords. The simple task of giving clues for your word is made fiendishly difficult by not knowing which words you can’t say. We don’t want to talk about it much so far. We believe you should experience it in person. Do you want to know more? Come to room 236.

Both digital games will be there to play. Through the Ages, the successful implementation for mobile devices and computers where you build, ruin, and make history!

And Galaxy Trucker, probably the only game that is really fun to be terrible at. Could be played on mobile devices, so far...

If you read it all the way up to here you have the perfect theoretical overview. However, games are here to be played so let's do that. Looking forward to meet you at Gen Con, room 236, just in 7 days.