New Leaders & Wonders Expansion Announcement!

The long wait is over! After months of development, careful balancing, and intensive testing, we are proud to announce that the expansion for Through the Ages, titled New Leaders & Wonders, will come out this fall – digitally on September 12, 2019, and as a board game on October 24, 2019!

The expansion will bring to play new courageous and inspiring leaders, more great wonders, and clever military cards and tactics. It will come to all current digital platforms (via Google Play, App Store, and Steam) and will cost $4.99. The physical board game expansion will have a recommended retail cost of $24.95.

New Leaders & Wonders has been a very personal project for our team and we've poured our hearts into it – still, we wouldn't be able to get it polished and balanced well without the help of the unsung heroes from our beta testing community. We're grateful for you and for all the fans of the game. We can't wait to share the expansion with you!

Stay tuned for more news and previews!