Essen '19 pre-orders and new games overview

Essen Spiel '19, starting this year on October 24th, will bring us an amazing amount of shiny new games. Czech Games Edition is no exception. You can find us at our booth Hall 1, Booth F 145.

Essen 2019 – map

Once again, we will accept pre-orders which will help you to reserve a copy of the game you want. To do so, please fill out simple form. Pre-orders close on Monday, October 21st at 12:12 AM (CET).

At Essen, we will be able to accept payment by credit card. There is no need to pay anything in advance. Games should be picked-up by Saturday at noon.

Here is a brief intro to our new titles of 2019:

All new games


Letter JamLetter Jam from Ondra Skoupý

2–6 players, 45 min, 10+ years, 15 €
Letter Jam is a cooperative game where in each round, every player has a letter that everyone else can see. But no one can see their own letter!

Seeking for some super positive reviews?
Or the W. Eric Martin's preview video from Origins?
Paul Grogan is working on How to Play video right now and should be available in a week or two!


SanctumSanctum from Filip Neduk

2–4 players, 90+ min, 12+ years, 60 €
Bringing you an epic adventure game inspired by a classic monster slashing and looting goodness, converted to a modern board game.

As one of the mighty heroes, you will embark upon a quest to rid the land of a demonic invasion, fighting your way through countless enemies and gearing up to face the Lord of Demons himself.


Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders (THE expansion!)

2–4 players, 120+ min, 14+ years, 25 €
Throughout time there have been courageous women and imaginative men who changed history, and whose legacy we carry with us to this day.

This expansion will bring a ton of new content to the base game, adding new leaders and wonders and military cards so you can change the flow of history.

Check out a video trailer.


Codenames: Duet XXLCodenames: Duet XXL from Vlaada Chvátil and Scot Eaton

2 (or more) players, 15–30 min, 11+ years, 35 €
Codenames: Duet XXL, the cooperative version of our popular word association game, brings an improvement over its smaller predecessor with more comfortable play.

Both players and reviewers positively evaluated the bigger version. "The XXL treatment for Codenames appeals both to function and form: it is both easier and more satisfying to play in its giant configuration." (I Slay the Dragon)

And more...

  • If you would like to have a chance at winning some of these games, get ready for a BGG contest, starting on Wednesday, September 18th.
  • Besides that, you can be sure that our demo team is getting ready for demoing in both German and English languages.
  • The digital team is working on Through the Ages app expansion: New Leaders & Wonders (release is planned for September 12th!!!).
  • Want to meet Vlaada to say hello or kindly ask him to sign a game? Feel free to stop by each day around pí time (3:14 PM).
  • Other game designers such as Filip Neduk and Ondra Skoupý should be around as well. For more info keep checking our social media.
  • Our sales team is practicing the most lovely smile ever and grabbing a huge amount of promos for Codenames, Pictomania and Letter Jam!

See you soon!