Through the Ages Expansion – Printing Error Explanation

We are back with an update regarding the Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders release date.

As you already know, because the original paper supplier went out of business (explained in our previous post), we had trouble matching the card backs from the expansion with the cards from the base game. Due to this, the expansion has been delayed.

However, we are pleased to say that with the cooperation of our printer, we have found a satisfactory combination of paper and varnish to achieve the intended look. Even though everything is on the right track, there is still additional processing time necessary to order paper, print the cards, manufacture the game, and ship it to distributors.

Our plan is to have the game available in March in Europe and in April/May in the USA.

And since we are including the whole military deck in the expansion, we seized the opportunity and prepared a little bonus for you. There are two different wars in Age II, and they both had the same illustration. Now, we have a good chance to improve this, so we provide a brand-new illustration for the War over Technology card to make it easier to distinguish between these two.