at the Castle TriCon event!

We are excited to announce today that will be officially out of Beta next week during our Castle TriCon event! is the official online platform through which you can play Codenames remotely with your friends and family. leaves beta

We want to thank everyone who have joined us so far, and who have provided us with priceless feedback! is finally ready to peel off the Beta label.

But what does this actually mean? Simply, that we are satisfied with how this platform is working (and you know that we like to fine-tune everything as much as possible), and we are ready to add new features for your entertainment!

We will be adding a whole new game mode to, one that we have had many people asking about… the team version of the game, Codenames Duet. This version is a more demanding cooperative challenge for two-players, or teams, who enjoy switching roles from spymaster to operative each turn.

See you next week at the Castle TriCon event, around the virtual gaming table. Please share love and this free registration form with your friends. Thank you!