Meet us this Weekend at is here, and we at CGE cannot have missed this opportunity to participate and have a chance to meet you, our fellow board gamers, and play games with you. Here is an overview of all that we have planned for you during the show.

Under Falling Skies CGE booth 3D World CGE pre-orders Live Streams

Game Demos

No board game show would be complete without a chance to play some games! Both in our booth and the 3D world, you will be able to play Lost Ruins of Arnak, Under Falling Skies, and Codenames Online. Our imps will be at your disposal there and will teach you the games and answer all your most pressing questions :) Booth

You can find the CGE booth in the system, along with our new game releases for this year – Lost Ruins of Arnak, Under Falling Skies, Sanctum: Singleplayer, Adrenaline: Solo Play DLC, Codenames Online, and Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders (whose release was postponed due to a printing error).


22 October (Thursday): 12 PM – 4 AM CEST (6 AM–10 PM EDT)
23 October (Friday): 12 PM – 4 AM CEST (6 AM–10 PM EDT)
24 October (Saturday): 12 PM CEST – 3 AM CET* (6 AM–10 PM EDT)
25 October (Sunday): 12 PM – 4 AM CET (7 AM–11 PM EDT)
* (Central Europe is changing from daylight savings time to standard time on a night from Saturday to Sunday)

3D World

Join us online on October 23 and 24, play board games with your friends and with us (almost) in person, chat, fly around, and have fun!

These days, it is tough to meet in person – and board gaming is a highly social activity. Human contact is limited in most countries, game nights and conventions are canceled, and it's hard for us board gamers to enjoy doing what we like – playing board games together.

To try and simulate the face-to-face social experience of meeting your friends at a convention and playing board games with them, we've once again teamed up with HeidelBÄR Games and Horrible Guild and decided to reopen our 3D world for a limited time during

The event is once again free to attend – register now and get your free ticket.


23 October (Friday): 4 PM – 4 AM CEST (10 AM–10 PM EDT)
24 October (Saturday): 4 PM CEST – 3 AM CET (6 AM–10 PM EDT)

Special 3D World Events

To give you and your friends more things to do in the 3D world, we have prepared some special events.

  • MEET THE GAME DESIGNERS (almost) FACE TO FACE – on Saturday, October 24, 6 PM CEST, join us in the 3D world to meet and chat with the game designers, Mín (Lost Ruins of Arnak), Tomáš 'uhlík' Uhlíř (Under Falling Skies), Fillip Neduk (Sanctum, Adrenaline, Goblins Inc.), and others.
  • PUZZLE HUNT – find hidden posters around the CGE world, solve puzzles, and win games. You can enter your answers on Castle TriCon Contest page.
  • DIGITAL APPS GIVEAWAY – participate in our two-day social media giveaway by taking a screenshot with Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages posters hidden in our CGE 3D world. At the end of the show, we will select 5 random winners for each day of the giveaway. For more information, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter.
  • SCAVENGER HUNT – find the four places in each of the 3D worlds (CGE, HeidelBÄR Games, Horrible Guild, Central World), take a screenshot at each of them, and share the images on social media. After the show is over, each company will pick three winners who've found the correct places, and those will get one of their new games.

3D World screens

Online Store

It wouldn't be a SPIEL event without the possibility for you to buy our newest titles directly from our booth – so we've set up an online store that you can visit our for the duration of Get more details about the show shop.

Live Streams

As usual, we have a lineup of live streams ready for you – jump to our Twitch channel or our main stage in the 3D world and enjoy playthroughs and chats with our designers!

Stream schedule

If you're lost and need help, stop by our booth!
(Look for Czech Games Edition :))

See you online!