Galaxy Trucker is heading to manufacturing!

Today we're excited to share a few production progress updates for the upcoming relaunched edition of Galaxy Trucker!

If everything goes well, the first copies will appear in stores in late summer. Other languages will follow, as usual. The recommended price is $29.95/ €29.95.

The game on a table
Trucker TITLE tiles, shiny new ways to make a name for yourself!

It's time to introduce you to the Transgalactic Trek, the ultimate test of skill, speed, and courage which we're newly adding in this edition!

Trucker titleAfter mastering the basic flight round, why not try your hand at facing this epic, extra challenging three-flight campaign to establish a name for yourself and profit from your reputation?

The Transgalactic Trek uses all new title tiles that each have their own specific completion criteria and are rewarded at the end of the flight.

Once earned, players keep their title for the remainder of the Transgalactic Trek. On the next flight, you will try to defend your title and earn extra credits across the remaining flights.

With the right building strategy, you might become one of the following cool titleholders:

  • Freight Hauler with the most cargo components that have at least one block of goods on them.
  • Power Trucker loves the hum of the shields, the roar of double engines, and the sizzle of double cannons – earned by having the most components that use batteries.
  • Xenoquartermaster knows the best what aliens seek for – privacy! The distance between the alien and the nearest cabin will be crucial here.
  • Cruise Captain with the most occupied cabins with panoramic windows.
  • Master Engineer with the most components on your ship (counted when the flight is over).
  • Corridorist builds the chain of the corridor. The longer, the better... and it's trickier as you might imagine!

Titles tiles are picked randomly for each Transgalactic Trek and add a nice theme layer to your game.

Besides that, you can also look forward to:

  • A more accessible experience – easier for players of all ages to enjoy.
  • Smaller box (= lower price) but same crazy fun!
  • Amazing new art enhancements and improvements over the previous version.

Check out the back of the box and the old vs new cards below! We believe you will like the updated Galaxy Trucker experience as much as we do!

Box bottomCard design changes

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