Reserve Galaxy Trucker & other titles for Gen Con pick-up!

The wait is almost over! We’re excited to share that the new re-launched edition of Galaxy Trucker is landing on the shelves of your favorite friendly local game stores very soon!

European gamers should start to see copies on store shelves this week (September 8th), with the North American launch following close behind at this year’s Gen Con on September 16th. Be sure to support your FLGS and grab a copy!

Galaxy Trucker Launches at Your FLGS Soon!

The original edition has received many awards and recognition over the years, and the re-launched edition recently earned the Seal of Excellence from The Dice Tower.

We hope you love it as much as they do!

Galaxy Trucker Launches at Your FLGS Soon!


What’s new in this edition?

In case you’ve been stuck in cryo sleep the last year, here’s a look at what to expect from the new edition:

1) All new art and upgraded components

We’ve given the game a massive visual overhaul, with all new art to make it brighter, friendlier, and more colorful. From the cool new 3-sided folding ship boards to the new plastic models for aliens and astronauts, there are lots of improvements to explore.

Galaxy Trucker Launches at Your FLGS Soon!


2) We’ve made the core game loop shorter and more accessible

Galaxy Trucker’s default game mode is now just a single flight, so it’s easier to hop in and play a quick 30-minute game if you aren’t up for an epic-length haul. There are also still 3 ship sizes and complexities to choose from, depending on how much of a challenge you’re craving.

3) For a longer play experience, we have the Transgalactic Trek

Consisting of three consecutive flights of increasing difficulty, the Transgalactic Trek plays similarly to the original base game mode, but it has a new twist that really freshens up the experience.

In the new edition, we’ve added title tiles that give players special goals to achieve (and defend) in order to score additional credits across the three-flight trek. Titles can influence and change your strategies for how you’ll want to build your ship. For example, you might want to have cabins in certain positions, or to haul the most cargo, or have the most components on your ship, etc.

Galaxy Trucker Launches at Your FLGS Soon!

Titles are initially earned by players who achieve them on the first flight, but you’ll have to defend your title on the second flight. If you succeed, the title flips to its other side on the second flight and comes with a bigger reward if you manage to defend it again. Defending the harder side is a good challenge and it makes every trek unique based on which title you get.

4) Smaller box, cheaper price, same award-winning fun

We’ve reduced the box size for Galaxy Trucker, crammed it chock full of components, and reduced the price to $29.95 (50% less than the original version).


But wait, there’s more! :)

Free Rough Roads mini-expansion

On the very back of the new Galaxy Trucker rulebook you’ll find a scannable QR code that lets you access the free Rough Roads expansion, which is available at launch!

Rough Roads adds crazy cards with special rules and conditions that make the base game tougher, wilder, and more unpredictably fun for a more challenging experience. This time around we’re offering it as a digital web app that works in your browser (and on your mobile devices), so you can easily incorporate it into your Galaxy Trucker game.

Galaxy Trucker Launches at Your FLGS Soon!

We’ve also revamped all of the art for the Rough Roads cards, improved some effects, and have added in some new cards to freshen up your dangerous adventure!