Meet CGE at SPIEL ’21 – Booth 1D139

After successful Gen Con and Origins with our US colleagues, the European CGE team now heads towards Essen to attend SPIEL ’21. And we have a lot in stock for you so come check it out!

The CGE Booth – 1D139

Our team will reside in Hall 1 of the Essen convention center, at booth 1D139. You will be able to play the new edition of Galaxy Trucker, last year's hit Lost Ruins of Arnak, and a giant demo of our epic solo game Under Falling Skies.

Also, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders will be available for sale for the very first time!

Besides that, we’ll also be in the Gallery, booth GA15, with our giant Galaxy Trucker, and our friends at HeidelBÄR at the booth 1C121 will be helping us sell German versions of our games.

CGE at SPIEL ’21 – Booth 1D139

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders ReleaseLost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders Release

The highly anticipated expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak, Expedition Leaders, will be released and available for sale for the first time at SPIEL ’21.

If you’d like to be among the first to explore the island of Arnak through the eyes of one of the six new leaders, don't forget to stop by our booth.

The expansion will be available in both English and German, and we will include a brand new promo card with every purchase of the expansion (while supplies last).

Giant Galaxy Trucker DemoGiant Galaxy Trucker Demo

Become a real-life galaxy trucker with our giant version of Galaxy Trucker! Available to play in the Gallery at the booth no. GA15.

This popular version first debuted at Gen Con last month, and now we’re bringing it to SPIEL as well. If you’d like to see the giant game in action, check out our Gen Con video overview!

Of course you will also be able to buy a not-so-giant version of Galaxy Trucker at the CGE booth, 1D139.

Giant Under Falling Skies DemoGiant Under Falling Skies Demo

Get a chance to defend your home city while playing a giant version of Under Falling Skies, and to place your own mark on our world map – at the end of the show, we will see which cities survived and which did not.

And what’s more, every day from 10 AM to 12 AM, Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! will be the one guiding you during your playthrough!

The giant demo of the game will be available at the CGE booth.

Chat with the Designers

Meet Vlaada Chvátil (Galaxy Trucker), Elwen (Lost Ruins of Arnak), and Tomáš “uhlík” Uhlíř (Under Falling Skies) – all three designers will be roaming around the CGE booth every day, so come and say hi :)


That’s a Question SaleThat’s a Question Sale

The English version of That’s a Question will be on sale during the show and will cost €10 instead of regular €15 – also, the game will be available for free with every purchase of €45 and higher (while supplies last).

Digital Apps Sale

Our digital team will be once again presenting their apps, Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker, at our booth – and for those of you who will not be at SPIEL with us, we have prepared a special sale.

For the duration of SPIEL ’21, Through the Ages and Galaxy Trucker will be sold with a discount (30% and 40% respectively) on Google Play and the App Store.

Digital Apps Sale

CGE Social Media Contest

As usual, we have prepared a social media contest for the attendees of SPIEL ’21!

Take a picture of you and your friends playing one of our games at SPIEL ’21, post it on social media with a hashtag #playCGE and win one of the 3 games presented at the show – Galaxy Trucker, Lost Ruins of Arnak, or Under Falling Skies.