Galaxy Trucker Expansion Announcement!

Keep on trucking with this new expansion for the recently relaunched version of the classic Galaxy Trucker board game. The release is planned for Gen Con'22.

With new ship classes, new adventure cards, more ship-building components, Rough Roads cards, and new aliens with unique abilities, your flight through the stars becomes more chaotic and more fun!

Galaxy Trucker Expansion Announcement!

The different parts of this expansion can be mixed and matched, allowing you to choose the combination that feels the most fun to you. So whether you're flying with grizzled veterans who miss the thrill of exploding spaceships or teaching newbies who just survived their first flight, this expansion will help you Keep on Trucking!

Information on the Galaxy Trucker base game

Galaxy Trucker is a fast and goofy family game where 2 to 4 players build space ships in real-time by grabbing ship-building tiles as fast as possible. Then they test their ships by flying across a galaxy that wants to blow them up!

Find out more about the game on BGG, and stay tuned to CGE's social media channels for more images and details on what's inside the purple expansion box in the coming months!