The new trailer for Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking is up!

With the upcoming expansion for Galaxy Trucker, we've prepared an animated video trailer for you. Big thanks and credits go to Radim "Finder" Pech, our in-house animation master and creator of this video. Feel free to comment, like, and share it with all Galaxy Trucker fans.

So... What is this expansion about?

  • It adds more of everything, offering exciting new tactical options for building and defending your ship.
  • To enjoy the new expansion to its fullest, master the basics with our How to Play tutorial. Remember to balance earning cosmic credits with avoiding any serious harm.

To those familiar with the original edition of Galaxy Trucker:
the Keep on Trucking expansion is somewhat similar to The Big Expansion released 14 years ago. It keeps what worked best, sometimes with tweaks and improvements, and adds some completely new stuff - you will recognize many components or cards. Still, you will also find some that never hit the tables before, such as the Meteor Whirl card or catapult ship component. It also enhances the concept of trucking titles introduced in the new edition of the base game.

For a better idea of how much the Galaxy Trucker base game has changed from its original to the relaunched edition, check this video overview made by Eleni Papadopulou.

Thank you for watching the new Galaxy Trucker videos and letting us know how you progress in each flight. We are looking forward to providing an extra challenge with the Keep on Trucking expansion this GenCon, August '22!