The Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks Series is Complete!

You might have noticed that for the past few weeks, we have been releasing videos covering tips, tricks, and background details for every new leader from the Expedition Leaders expansion. And today, this series is finally complete with the release of the last video for the Mystic.


If you have missed the series or have been simply waiting until it was complete before watching it, you can check out all 6 videos on our YouTube channel.

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Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks – Series Summary

These six short videos give you an insight into how each Leader from this first Lost Ruins of Arnak expansion came to life, along with useful tips on how to play them and what to focus on to use each leader to their full potential.

Every video focuses on one Leader and covers four different aspects – leader's backstory, inspiration, descriptions of their unique ability, and useful strategy tips.

The Expedition Leaders Tips & Tricks Series is Complete!