The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!

This year has brought many new games, lots of amazing content, and plenty of love to the best industry around. We're so grateful to be a part of it all! In this time of holiday calm, it's the perfect moment to reflect back at many of 2022's milestones together.

Let's jump directly to the evergreen hot topic of each year, which is NEW RELEASES:

The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking (expansion)

We started this gaming season by releasing Galaxy Trucker: Keep on Trucking, an expansion for the re-launched edition of Galaxy Trucker, at Gen Con this summer. This expansion is recommended for experienced truckers, as it adds tons of modular content to make the base game crazier, harder, and more explosive!

If you laugh at pirates, shrug off combat zones, and meet every meteor with cannons blazing, this one is definitely for you. The game is currently available at both your North American FLGS and Amazon as we speak!

The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!


Starship CaptainsStarship Captains

Our big Spiel release, and one of the most anticipated games by many, is from new designer Peter B. Hoffgaard. In this game for 1 to 4 players, you will manage, train and promote diverse crew members, explore an ever-shifting galaxy full of dangerous pirates and interplanetary missions...and much more!

The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!


Deal with the DevilDeal with the Devil

Matúš Kotry, the author of Alchemists, came up with this unique project – a competitive asymmetrical play with hidden roles, where exactly four players compete to lead their kingdoms into an architectural renaissance. To be successful, they need resources. They need to make smart deals to get resources, offering the other players things they really need. One of the players is secretly the devil and really needs a piece of their soul...

The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!


Thank you for every comment, rating, and bit of feedback on our games' BoardGameGeek profiles. Btw, now is the perfect time to contact your FLGS, since both Starship Captains and Deal with the Devil are heading into North American stores in the coming weeks.

Thanks for loving the Arnak's expansion as much as we do!


Ok, this is not a 2022 release, but we are so excited about your continued interest in Arnak that we have to share it here. Recently, the Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders expansion crossed 100K sold copies! This makes it our most-sold expansion to date, with one box sold for every 2.6 copies of the base game.

The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!




What's new in the Codenames realm?

Czech Softlaunch of Codenames app

YAY! The newly released Codenames App, which just soft launched in the Czech Republic, is the first super important step towards the worldwide release NEXT YEAR! The app lets you play Codenames wherever you go, and it features tons of unique app-specific goodies. It's been developed in-house, with a team led by Vlaada, and it includes everything that you love about Codenames and much more!

Bilingual Ukrainian-Czech Codenames

This exceptional project was part of our support for war refugees and those who help them. It is not for sale and is distributed for free to those who want to find fun and common ground in their new homes.

Five things you didn’t know about Codenames

Eleni collected five interesting and perhaps surprising facts from behind the scene development of the most popular party title! Join the Holiday "XXL Codenames" Giveaway by the 21st of December.

A Festive Codenames Online

Enjoy connecting with loved ones across a great distance with Codenames sessions among friend and family online during the holidays: with agents dressed appropriately for the season and holiday themed words.


The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!



Celebration in Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages apps

Don't miss out on Christmas Sales of both Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages apps. If you've hesitated to purchase the digital versions of your favorite CGE board games, now is a great time to pick the up at a holiday discount!

Celebration in the apps!

Don't miss out on Christmas Sales of Boom Mania, Galaxy Trucker, and Through the Ages apps. If you've hesitated to purchase the digital versions of your favorite CGE board games, now is a great time to pick them up at a holiday discount!

Moreover, from Dec. 23rd to Jan. 2nd, in the Galaxy Trucker app, you will have a chance to deliver gift boxes within the traditional Presents Delivery & Alien Presents mission. Also, the Boom! mission will secure extra fireworks during your flight, starting on New Year’s Eve. Festive!


The massive 2022 overview, and THANK YOU!



Even more gaming content!

12-hour anniversary Twitch stream

How fast time flies when you're having a great time! Our in-house Twitch host Rachel Billings has been part of the CGE team for more than a year, and as a celebration, she streamed for a crazy 12 hours straight. She's unbelievable. Check out the replay!

As a reminder of a whole year of Ray's been streaming on Twitch, enjoy with us highlights of what happened during our streams!


And don't forget to join Ray and become a part of our amazing Twitch community.


Exclusive Spiel previews series

Thanks to Eleni Papadopoulou, our in-house YouTube content creator, gamers back home could enjoy new the releases of Spiel 22 as they used to each year (and a shout out to the BGG crew who've done this in years past). Eleni ran a series of first looks, previews, and interviews with designers from different publishers at our booth this year, and it was such a BLAST!

All of them have been gradually added to the CGE Youtube channel, where you can watch them here:


Be sure to subscribe to not miss a thing!


Behind the scene of how board games are made

From just a wooden plank to a fully assembled colorful piece ready to be picked up by a kid, there are many steps along the process of creating toys and wooden board game components. Have you ever wondered how toys are made? Then check the 1st part of this documentary series devoted to wooden components:


You can also take a look at plastic bits and components like cubes and miniatures on their journey their journey from plastic granules to your gaming table!


FAQ with gaming designers

So many questions and so little time. Eleni did all the hard work for you and asked six CGE Game Designers the most frequently asked questions about them!



Little presents for you!

What's in the box? The traditional Instagram contest

Every year, and since early December, we have been running three rounds of this simple – but not necessarily easy – contest for you where you guess what game from the CGE portfolio is wrapped as a present. We will pick one happy winner from the correct guesses, so join in!

Calendar with CGE games

For even more gaming spirit, check out this free printable 2023 Calendar featuring illustrations from Czech Games. It might be a nice gift for you, and your board game-loving beloved, to decorate the gaming room throughout the year!

Holiday cards

Like last year, there is a list of cute Happy Holiday cards you can download and print out or share with your loved ones online!


Download all cards as .zip
Download all cards as .pdf (A4)
Download all cards as .pdf (US Letter)

Thank you very much for all your incredible interest and continuous support this year, and we are looking forward to meeting you again in 2023!