2009-06-25Space Alert production errata

Space Alert Tutorial CD

Unfortunately, some copies of the English language Space Alert contain a uncomfortable error – the labels on Tutorial CD and Mission CD are switched, so the Tutorial CD is labeled Mission CD and vice versa. To learn whether your copy is okay, please check the length of the CDs (Tutorial CD has to be 74 minutes long, Mission CD is 80 minutes long) or the length of the first tracks (on Tutorial CD, it has to be 7 minutes long, on Mission CD it is 10 minutes long).

Apace Alert Mission CD

We are very sorry for this error. It was caused by our CD manufacturer, that switched the labels when creating CDs for this print run. We learned about that soon, and managed to stop it immediately. There was one part of the shipment containing probably only CDs from the first, correct print run, but we were not 100% sure, so we rather put a written note with warning in these boxes. And we returned rest of the print run to manufacturer, to fix the error. Then we checked several random boxes, and it was okay.

Unfortunately, it seems the correction was not 100% successful – several copies have the labels switched, without the warning note. We are very sorry if you happened to get one of these copies, and we hope you realized that soon enough. If you want to fix it, you can download correct CD stickers (as well as the soundtracks in mp3 format) from our web page. Sorry for the inconvenience.