Chris Yi of Dice Tower

I never want to not play with the player powers, I never not want to play with the destroy two cards on each side [...] there’s pretty much nothing I don’t enjoy about this game.

Mike of The Brothers Murph

The expansion just pumps it up with more cards, more variety. We always love assymmetric play so any game that’s gonna offer [...] something that’s a little bit different, a little bit of a direction, a little bit of a different ability – we’re always in.

Jesse of Quackalope

I think it just improves almost every aspect of the game without really distracting or taking away from any core systems.

Wes of Quackalope

I actually really really enjoyed it [...] there’s so much of an engine here at the beginning with all these asymmetric player powers that I didn’t feel like we were starting slow, I felt like we were able to keep doing a whole bunch of things.

Mike of One Stop Co-op

The expansion is definitely where the increased variety lives. [...] Each of [the leaders] gives the game a different flavour.

Dan King of Game Boy Geek

I’m glad they came out with this because it’s awesome – play a different character every time gives you a different feel, gives you some different strategies, gives you some cool little asymmetric powers that you can use. It’s really cool.

Drive Thru Games

It just opens up the world. You’ve got so many different cool strategies with all the different characters, the two temples you can go after – it just opens everything up. [...] I highly recommend it, it’s just gonna add a lot of replayability.