2011-11-22Galaxy Trucker – Another Big Expansion delayed

Galaxy Trucker - Another Big Expansion

We’re sorry to announce that the production of the new expansion for Galaxy Trucker will be delayed. We have everything ready but due to a couple of unexpected reasons that we couldn’t prevent, the production of the game will be delayed. We expect the game to be released early next year.

We’re deeply sorry Truckers. Keep on trucking.

2011-11-03Last Will – first reviews


James from Metagames did one of the first reviews of Last Will. His conclusions were pretty straightforward:

“Last Will is a game that ticks the boxes for me. Very enjoyable with lots of choices, decisions and balances. The game mechanics make it feel different to other games too, rather than just being a worker placement, or card-play, game with a unique theme.”

If this one review is not enough for you you can find more thoughts on Opinionated gamers or on an Italian blog. And don’t forget about the Last Will page on BoardGameGeek.

2011-10-27After Essen


Another Essen show is over, and we would like to thank all of you who visited our booth, as well as our friends who helped us run it for you.

For those who were not there, the games will be available from our partners: English versions from Rio Grande Games (Last Will) and Z-Man (Dungeon Petz), German versions from Heidelberger Spielverlag (Last Will and Dungeon Petz) and Pegasus Spiele (Pictomania).

Some of our bonuses that appeared at Essen will be available later.

Stay tuned for more information – each game will have its own webpage with more stuff and pictures.

2011-10-17Essen Bonus #3: Essen Edition of Pictomania

We have produced a special English edition of Pictomania for this Essen. Besides all the usual cards that will be present in all other editions, this one contains extra cards with geeky words. You may want to remove these cards when playing with ‘normal’ people.

2011-10-13Essen Bonus #2: Player Order Board for Last Will

During the testing of Last Will, we found out that both casual and serious gamers enjoy the game very much. However, some hardcore gamers felt that the starting player for each round was not distributed fairly enough in the game, with only some players being the starting player more than once. We prepared this bonus especially for them.
Everyone who buys a copy of Last Will from CGE will get a Player Order Board.
The rules for this bonus will be posted on our website and on BoardGameGeek early next week.

2011-10-12Essen Bonus #1: Dungeon Petz button badges

We are happy to announce a special Essen bonus item for Dungeon Petz: button badges with various Petz!
We’ll give away a free badge with each sold copy of Dungeon Petz. You can even choose which pet you’ll want as we will have all of them. To have the right numbers for each pet we are running a poll on BoardGameGeek where you can tell us which one you will prefer. But if you come too late your preferred choice may not be available anymore. So you better hurry!