Bryan from The Dice Tower

I like this better than Codenames, a lot. It’s just a more fun game to me because of the way it plays. So, go check out Pictomania. It’s great for your game group.

Scott from Sahm Reviews

Because Pictomania has a speed element which awards points, it rewards quantity over quality – perfect for those of us that don’t have an artistic bone in their bodies. But it still wants you to draw as well as you can, otherwise you’ll receive penalties if your opponents can’t make heads or tails of your chicken scratch!

Jason Meyers from iSlaytheDragon

Pictomania is a unique and wild party/social activity that alleviates the fears of those who can’t draw about participating in this genre of games.
It’s a combination that works very well to accommodate mixed-peer groups and invite non-drawers into the fold. More importantly the ensuing chaos and laughs are just simply fun.

Bryan from Tabletop Polish

Every reveal is a joy. “How is that an alligator?” followed by uproar of laughter and jeering The best party games engage all players simultaneously, and Pictomania has players constantly engaged. Pictomania is a fun game sure to bring laughter to your table. If your group likes carefree party games, or you’re looking for a great icebreaker, this is the box you want.

Joshy Sheers from 3rd Strike

Pictomania is a fairly fun game, if not taken too seriously. This game can get the party started as it’s a small snack sized game that doesn’t take too long to unpack, play and finish.

Oliver East form Just Push Start

Getting a mix of difficulty throughout a game helps keep things interesting, as it helps players strengths shine at different times, whether you have artistic flair or can only scribble down something that roughly matches a word but guess well.