Frank Schulte–Kulkmann from Boardgame.de

Designer Filip Neduk succeeded in creating a dungeon crawler with a twist, being streamlined and open to a distinguished character development at the same time. The game offers the players many possibilities to deal with the inevitable factor of luck when it comes to rolling the dice, and from my perspective Sanctum is one of the strongest games in the segment of strategic dice rolling games.

First impressions of Bradly from Board Game Gumbo based on Gen Con prototype demo

There’s a lot to like about Sanctum, not least of which is the theme. I’ve been playing ARPGs like Diablo for almost as long as I can remember, and CGE has a track record with Adrenaline of translating a video game theme into a good board game.
...Personally I will have my eyes on this one at Essen and it would take a lot for this to not be an instant buy for me.