Rulebook says there are 96 Action Cards in the expansion. My copy has only 90. What is wrong?

We are sorry, 90 cards is the correct number, the number 96 in rulebook is a mistake.

Say that I have had the Parasite attached to me. Now, someone attacks me/it with battlebots. A third player has used the Medic’s advanced action in my station, which prevents me from being knocked out. Is the parasite defeated anyway?


The rules incorrectly states “Until the Parasite has a host, it cannot be damaged”. It should state “Until the Parasite doesn’t attach to a host, it cannot be damaged”.

Say that I have had the Parasite attached to me. Now, someone attacks me/it with battlebots. I have used the Special Ops’ advanced action to protect my own, later, action this turn. Is the parasite defeated anyway?


You’re a special ops! You skillfully disable attacking battlebots. Sadly you protect the  Parasite as well.

Some serious red threads have different numbers on them. Is it a mistake?

Yes in 2 cases it is a mistake.

Phasing Man-of-War and Super-Carrier should both have 8/16 points on them.

Hidden Transmitters, Overlord and Transmitter satellite are correct because they call in another threat.

Does the mechanic’s advanced ability count for two people when dealing with Nuclear Device?

Nuclear device was designed when we didn’t have the concept of inaccessibility. In fact Nuclear Device is simply internal thread with inaccessibility 2.

When Ninja executes the Z action does it take one turn for the missiles to hit the ship?

they hit immediately.

Is the card Energiedrache correct in my german version of the game?

the Z action should state: Erzeugt in jeder Zone 1 Schaden +1 pro Energiewürfel in ihrem Reaktor.

In my german edition of the game the Attentäter card says something different than my rulebook. Which is correct?

The card is correct. The rules should state: “Wenn der Attentäter auftaucht, legt man einen (!) – Marker in die obere blaue und untere weise Station.”

On the card Power Pack Overload, the Y action says ‘Heals one damage’, but at the top of the card, there is a ‘+’ next to Speed instead of next to Hit Points. Which is correct?

The text is correct. The ‘+’ should be next to Hit Points.