Zee from The Dice Tower

There’s growth there that you can earn and learn from from game to game, and I like that in this one.

Rich from Rich Plays Board Games

You’re able to manipulate [the] board state in so many cool and unique ways, […] there’s that little puzzly aspect which caters to heavy gamers. And [it] also caters to light gamers […] because of the easy aspect of just, you know, “I’m a starship captain, I’m flying around a galaxy and I wanna know what’s going on”.

Jim from What Board Game

Starship Captains is definitely a game that grows with repeat plays. […] you will, like any game, get better with repeat plays. And getting better in this game means you can utilise more combinations. And combinations are fun! Incredibly satisfying…

Daniel from Dice Daniel

Starship Captains makes you want to put it on the table more often to optimise your strategy and engine to get the most out of your ship and crew. If you manage to plan and execute the right sequence of actions, it feels super satisfying.