Matt Lees of Shut Up & Sit Down

This tough little system sure makes you work for it, BUT when the stars align, and then you shoot those stars, that's just ... It's one of the most satisfying things I've ever experienced in this hobby.

I will bring it up again - I don't have the attention span for solitary games. I can't do it, I just get distracted and wander off or look at my phone, BUT this kept me enthralled for days and days. I'm gonna recommend it easily. This is a fabulous thing.

Mark of Not Bored Gaming

I don't know how CGE have done all this for 20 pounds, but It's an absolutely fantastic work by them and by Thomas. It's a wonderfully accessible yet challenging solo game that deserves a place in EVERY solo board gamer's collection. I can't recommend Under Falling Skies enough.

Tom Heath of slickerdrips

There's always something, you know, kind of spurring you on to. Ok, well maybe I focus on this, this round. Can I afford to do it? Can I afford to take the damage? What's the mothership going to be doing to me this round? It all works beautifully.

Alex Radcliffe of BoardGameCo

Right now I'm far from bored from this game. I find myself consistently pulling it out every single time to play. In fact, setting up for this review, I couldn't help myself and I played another game, because, well it's only 20 minutes and it's a fun game.

Michael Kelley fo One Stop Co-op Shop

The great variety in modules even with the core repetitive play, and the amazing puzzle of putting those dice down and moving those ships really make this a winner one of my favorite dice placement games of all time. Yes, I said it. At this price point I think basically any solo player should check this one out.

Zee Garcia of The Dice Tower

Yes, I like it. I definitely recommend it for solo gamers you're looking for a pure solitaire game one that's got a cool sci-fi theme, is fairly quick to play, it's going to give you a lot of moments of puzzliness and thinkingess, this is a good one. It's going to get 8 out of 10. So yes I recommend it. I am keeping this copy. :)

Frank Kulkmann of Kulkmann's Gamebox

Designers of strategic dice-placement games always are faced with the problem of how to deal with the initial factor of luck when rolling dice, and in Under Falling Skies Tomas has successfully tackled this problem by the aforementioned connection between dice placement (and usage) and alien movement.

Marco Arnaudo of Marco Omnigamer

The enhancements that you have with all of those extra components that you use to replace the basic stuff to change things around – it really becomes almost like a set of games. Or you can think of this not just a game with a campaign but with a game that comes with five-six expansions. So much gameplay variety!