2016-09-22Essen Spiel 2016: New titles and Pre-order!

Essen Spiel 2016: New titles and Pre-order!

The busiest, yet most magical period of the year for us is happening right now. Less than one month to go before the Spiel 2016 exhibition is packed full of lovers of boardgames from around the world and great games from many publishers.

We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you, play games with you, and deliver our games directly to you!

Let's have a look at what we’re bringing to the show – CGE booth F 145, Hall 1:

Codenames: Pictures with its multiple-meaning images gives you a different way to play this associative team game. Adrenaline and its miniature gang takes you back to first person shooter games but with solid Euro mechanics. Alchemists: The King's Golem adds many new exciting things to the base game!


2016-08-18Alien Technologies expand the known galaxy!

Alien Technologies expand the known galaxy!

Hello Trucker!

After firing a dog into space and the first steps on the Moon, the next big event in the history of the galaxy is just around the corner.

Whether you are a seasoned pilot at the end of the campaign, or just enjoying making a few short flights, more adventure awaits you with the Alien Technologies premium expansion for the Galaxy Trucker app.

The cost of a ticket for this cosmic adventure is $4.99/4,99 €.


2016-08-12Looking back at Gen Con 2016

Looking back at Gen Con 2016

The nice memories we have from Gen Con 2016 outweigh the fatigue from the jet lag back in Czech Republic. It was such a great time to be there with you all, playing CGE classics, learning the new ones, chatting and having fun. All you who found the way to our room 121 to say "Hello" deserve a huge "Thank you!". We are already looking forward to next year, hopefully in a similar kind of cozy room, where you could find a space for playing our games.

We were amazed at how well our games were received, including our prototypes of Adrenaline (the FPS game without dice), and Alchemists: The King's Golem expansion.

Codenames: Pictures was also very popular, and anyone who picked up a copy at the show received a set of bonus cover tiles.


2016-07-27Codenames: Pictures – official announcement!

Codenames: Pictures – official announcement!

We are pleased to officially announce our first game for 2016 – Codenames: Pictures. This is a follow up to Codenames – our best-selling, Golden Geek Award and Spiel des Jahres winning 2015 title.

The game will be pre-released at Gen Con (CGE room 121, 4th–7th August). If you want to be sure you get a copy and become one of the very first owners of the game, you can use our pre-order form. As a bonus for this event, you will get five additional agent and bystander tiles, enabling you to play with the original Codenames grids.

The general release date is September 2016. It will also be available directly from CGE at Spiel in Essen in October.


2016-07-21Codenames wins the Spiel des Jahres 2016!

Codenames wins the Spiel des Jahres 2016!

On Monday 18th July, Codenames from author Vlaada Chvátil, received the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) – the most prestigious award in the board gaming industry, awarded by a jury of german gaming critics.

We are really happy about the award and that many of you are playing and enjoying the game. We continue to do our best to create high-quality games, which you'll want to play again and again.


Web news

Some more languages of rules for Codenames are now available for download.
Rules for The Prodigals Club in 4 languages are now available for download.
Japan rules for Alchemists are now available for download.
Czech rules for Galaxy Trucker: Missions are now available for download.
Polish, Dutch, Portuguese and Romanian rules for Codenames are now available for download.
French and Polish rulebook, Italian handbook, and Polish, French, and German player aid for Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization are now available for download.
Czech rulebook, handbook, and player aid for Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization are now available for download.
English handbook for Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization is now available for download.

2016-07-13Codenames: Pictures & Gen Con 2016 pre-order!

Codenames: Pictures & Gen Con 2016 pre-order!

We are thrilled to announce that our first title of 2016 – a successor to the bestselling game from Vlaada Chvátil's portfolio – Codenames: Pictures will be available for purchase at Gen Con! You can also reserve our other games!

For more information about Codenames: Pictures, please check out the entry on BoardGameGeek or the game description below. And for information about the other CGE games, please feel free to look around the Czech Games Edition web page or BoardGameGeek games profiles.


2016-07-01Codenames Summary Infographic

Codenames Summary Infographic

Codenames was released 11 months ago and so far it has been very successful thanks to you all! We would love to share this very first infographic with some interesting stats about the game. Hope you will enjoy it!


2016-04-29Galaxy Trucker special TableTop Day Mission!

Galaxy Trucker special TableTop Day Mission!

International Tabletop Day is this Saturday but we can already start celebrating:

A new International Tabletop Day Multiplayer Mission is ready for all of you board game loving truckers. Help us by delivering board game components using your spaceships! Three truckers will be rewarded with one of the board games they safely deliver. The more games you finish before midnight on Monday (UTC), the better chance to win.

If you don't have the Galaxy Trucker App on your mobile device, but you want to join us, we have discounted the app to $2.99 until Monday.

So spread the word, tell your friends and welcome all of the new truckers!


2016-02-09Codenames news

Codenames news

We know it has been a while, but we are back with some news regarding Codenames, which has been keeping us all pretty busy :)

First of all, we owe you a huge thank you for accepting Codenames so well. It's been played all around the world, and social networks are full of photos, videos, amusing Codenames moments, and even a poem.

As you may know, it is the #1 party game and has also made it's way into the top 20 games on BoardGameGeek.com. And all just because of your support! It makes us happy, as you can see.


2015-11-12Codenames availability and update on other language versions

Codenames availability and update on other language versions

It's just one month since Essen Spiel, we're just about catching our breath again, and... wait a minute... the pre-Christmas rush has started already! So lets have a look at what's new in the US.

The huge container full of Codenames hit the US warehouses two weeks ago. This means that distributors have them as well some of the retailers.

Since Codenames is a word-based game, it is essential to be playable in your native language, right? We are aware of this fact, so we are dealing with many language partners right now.


2015-11-12Tash-Kalar: Nethervoid and Galaxy Trucker: Missions replacement

Tash-Kalar: Nethervoid and Galaxy Trucker: Missions replacement

To our loyal players of Tash-Kalar: Nethervoid and Galaxy Trucker: Missions who purchased the first-print edition of these games from us at Essen Spiel 2015, or via a retailer who purchased them from us at Essen.

Some of you have contacted us about a slight printing error on some of the cards and also the thinner cardboard of the Tash-Kalar: Nethervoid tokens (see pictures).

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience caused by our printer. Even though the games are still perfectly playable, we feel you deserve the best quality components.


2015-10-22Pre-orders for BGG Con 2015

Pre-orders for BGG Con 2015

Hello everybody,

Czech Games Edition is happy to announce our attendance at BGG Con 2015 with all the new titles of this year available for purchase. If you plan on being there and are interested in anything new from the CGE portfolio, stop by at booth 809.

For more information about the new games, check out their BoardGameGeek profiles.

To reserve your copy today, please fill the form.

You can order more than one copy of each game, or even order our previous titles. To do so, please make a note in the form to indicate what you would like us to bring for you.


2015-10-19Essen Spiel 2015 is over. It's time to say Thank you!

Essen Spiel 2015 is over. It's time to say Thank you!

Gosh, time goes fast. It's only been a week since we met you in Essen and we haven't stopped yet. First of all, thanks a lot all to you guys for such a great atmosphere during the show. For stopping by and saying "Hello", giving us feedback, playing the new games and having a lot of fun doing so. Also for buying our games, and then coming back to get them signed, taking them back home, unpacking them and playing them again!

It was wonderful to see you trying The Prodigals Club and the new edition of Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization. For those who want to see how to play it, Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! has prepared a video.


2015-10-05Galaxy Trucker - One Year Anniversary and digital Through the Ages news

Galaxy Trucker - One Year Anniversary and digital Through the Ages news

A huge thing happened one year ago! On 29th September 2014, digital Galaxy Trucker landed on iOS devices and a great adventure began.

Since then, the app was translated into seven languages, adapted to another three platforms, and the players all around the galaxy enjoyed the funny campaign and unique multiplayer missions.

Let's celebrate!

Join in the party and wish the app a happy 1st birthday by sending us something nice on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #bestwishesGTdigital. You have until the 6th October. The 10 most original messages will receive a Galaxy Trucker app promo code (iOS or Windows Phone) and a T-shirt.