2014-06-24Dungeon Lords on Kickstarter

futuro cube

We are happy to announce that today (June 24th) we will go live on Kickstarter with Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary. That's right! Dungeon Lords, a game by Vlaada Chvátil, is 5 years old this year. To celebrate, we could have just made an imp-shaped cake, but we wanted to go a little bit further!


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Guidebook (EN, DE) and Full rules (EN, DE) of Tash-Kalar are available for download.

Rules for Tzolk'in - Tribes & Prophecies are ready for download (English, German)

Our web pages were hacked and some of the news were permanently deleted. But don't worry we're working on it!

Check out this review of Tzolk’in on Opinionated Gamers website.

Web pages for Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar and Goblins Inc. are up.

2014-06-20CGE digital

futuro cube

Dear board gamers,

Today we have an announcement that we believe many of you have been waiting for. You might have heard that we have been developing a digital adaptation of Galaxy Trucker for quite some time now. Some of you have asked us when it will be released and why it is taking so long. Today we want to answer both those questions.


2013-10-27CGE digital and futuro cube in Essen 2013

futuro cubeLike last year, we have 2 opposite booths (1-D-138 and 1-D-140) where we will explain, demo, and sell our games.

But this year we're going to have 1 more booth (1-A-104) where we're going to have our digital division. You will be able to try the digital versions of both Galaxy Trucker and another of our very popular board games that we're currently working on.

Moreover, we'll have a special board-gaming edition of Rubik's Futuro Cube that you can try and buy at the booth. We only have a limited supply of these, so we recommend you reserve a copy of the Cube.

2013-09-27Preorders for Essen 2013

Spiel2013If you plan on attending “Spiel 2013″ in Essen, and you want to be sure you get your copy of our games, you can preorder them. You can pick up any preordered games in Essen on Thursday Oct 25th or at Friday Oct 26th at our booth: Hall 1, number 140.

More details about these games can be found on BoardGameGeek (where our friend Paul Grogan is making sneak previews of them) and on our Facebook page or on our Essen page.

2013-08-29Announcing new games for Essen 2013

We are sure that you are looking forward to Spiel ’13 and so like previous years we have prepared for you the preview of new games and extensions for this season. You can join us into the combat arena of fallen heroes with Vlaada’s new game Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends, or tame various creatures in the forbidden area in Imp town, or be kicked out of your precious work, or to sit among old mythical Maya and drink a cocoa by the fire.

The choice is all up to you!

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2013-07-03Galaxy Trucker comic book

Maybe you've noticed that at the request of our fans, we've published on our facebook fans page, the comic book created for the 5th Anniversary of Galaxy Trucker. On this page we also promised that the comic book will be available in every already published language on our website soon. Now we deliver on our promise and we hope you'll have as much fun reading it as we enjoyed creating it for you.

comic book: Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition — Czech | comics  Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition — English | comics  Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition — German | comics  Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition — French | comics  

2012-12-06Essen 2012 success

It was a great success for us this year. All of the new games are published gradually by our foreign partners, the majority of the other language versions will be finished by the end of the year.

Even Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar is in first place on the chart of games from Essen 2012and our fans are certainly not idle as they have already translated the rulebook on their own, for example these Spanish and Hungarian translations of Tzolk'in and Italian translation of Goblins Inc.

For more information about the publishing of our new games click on More

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2012-10-15Essen 2012 Bonus Mania

buttonsWe are happy to announce that this year our fabulous Essen bonuses return with new vigor. With every purchase during Spiel 2012 at CGE booth in Hall 4, you will receive interesting goodies.

But remember, the stock is limited, so don’t postpone it until Sunday.

Essen Bonus no. 1: Button badges of Pets from Dungeon Lords:Festival Season
We’ll give away a free badge with each copy sold of Dungeon Lords: Festival Season, or with a purchase of three or more of our other games.
You can even choose which pet to adopt!
And don’t worry, these are not the same as last year. These are based on the beautiful new artwork from David Cochard.
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2012-10-11Announcing Dungeon Lords Special Events Creative Contest Winners

Hello aspiring dungeon lords. The Festival Season is about to start in a few days, and we would like to announce the winners of our creative contest, so they can properly celebrate.

You sent dozens of ideas for new Special Event cards. After removing a few that didn’t match the criteria (i.e. were not nasty enough or referred to what happens in the “next season”), we had to go through quite a bunch of interesting cards and choose three to be included in the expansion.

The winners (and the cards they inspired) are:

Drew SonnenbergA Scout at the Entrance
Chris WilczewskiPet Shop
Matt Eyo-TonksI’m Back, Ladies

Thank you guys. Your minds are twisted the right way. :-)

2012-10-03Preorders for Essen 2012

Spiel2012If you plan on attending “Spiel 2012″ in Essen, and you want to be sure you get your copy of our games, you can preorder them. You can pick up any preordered games in Essen on Thursday Oct 18th or at Friday Oct 19th at our booth: Hall 4, number 310.

More details about these games can be found on our Essen page, on BoardGameGeek (where our friend Paul Grogan is making sneak previews of them) and on our new Facebook page.

If you buy at least one game at our booth you can get previously released bonuses to our other games: Additional pets for Dungeon Petz, the Player Order board for Last Will, or stickers for Dungeon Lords. We’ll also have some other interesting stuff for our new games.

2012-09-13Announcing Galaxy Trucker for Spiel’12

“Control tower, this is trucker transport Golf Tango Alfa Bravo Echo ready for takeoff, launch pad es en two zero one two” *click*
“Golf Tango Alfa Bravo Echo, control tower, you are cleared for takeoff, ascent vector one zero one eight, Checkpoint Gamma Eridani.” *fzzt*
“Internal sensors show just the normal bugs, Tower. All engines running… mostly…” *click*
“Trucker transport, be advised, a part of your ship just fell off!” *fzzt*
“Faulty connection happens, Tower. She will hold together.” *click*
“We have a liftoff. Good luck and godspeed.” *fzzt*
“It’s about time!”
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2012-06-29Czech Games awarded by Wiener Spiele Akademie

SpieleHit2012CGE is proud to announce that our successful 2012 game Pictomania by Vlaada Chvatil was awarded by Wiener Spiele Akademie as Spiele Hit mit Freuden (Hit for playing with friends).

Congratulations to Vlaada to his double success in Austria this year, as his another game, Mage Knight, won Spiele Hit für Experten (Hit for experts) title; we are glad CGE could participate on developing and playtesting of this game for WizKids. Also congratulations to Pegasus who published german version of both games.

2012-06-25Announcing new games for Essen 2012

Essen2012Like previous years CGE is preparing new interesting games for the Essen fair 2012. This year we’ll surprise you with games from non-Czech designers as well as an expansion to one of our older games. Keep reading if you want to find more ….

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2012-06-25Dungeon Lords Special Events Creative Contest

DLExpContestThose familiar with the Dungeon Lords game know that there are three events each year – pay day, taxes and a random special event. In the expansion (due for Essen 2012), there will be one more season, so we decided that two random special events happen each year. Of course, this just calls for more interesting and nasty Special Event Cards.

If you have a great idea for such a card, you can submit it to us. If we use your idea, we will thank you in the rulebook and send you a copy of the expansion once it is released.

2012-05-21Pictomania recommended by Spiel des Jahres jury

SdJ 2012Spiel des Jahres announced nominees for SdJ 2012. The same jury also released a list of recommended games from the titles released during this time period – roughly April 2011 to March 2012.

We’re happy to announce that Pictomania is one of the highly recommended titles.