2014-09-08Our English games distribution will now be handled by ourselves!

Our English games distribution will now be handled by ourselves!Dear board gamers!

We at Czech Games Edition are pleased to announce that we will now be handling our own distribution for most English-language editions of our board games. Titles that were distributed through Rio Grande Games and Z-Man Games will now be distributed under the CGE logo. We'd like to thank Rio Grande and Z-Man for helping our small, indie company grow so much over the last seven years.

Handling our own distribution will enable us to be more responsive to English-speaking gamers. Our new edition of Tash-Kalar will have higher-quality cardboard, new graphic design, and a lower price. We are also preparing an upgrade pack for those who already bought Tash-Kalar. And there's an expansion deck coming out this fall!

Bunny Bunny Moose Moose will finally be available in the US and Canada, and it will be included in our first shipment. Also in that shipment will be Shipyard, Last Will, Dungeon Lords, Dungon Petz, and expansions. More games will be ready by the end of the year, including our newest game, Alchemists, and the anniversary edition of Dungeon Lords.

Gamers on both sides of the Atlantic should be able to find our games at the same retailers as before. European customers will still be able to get our games through Heidelberger and Esdevium. The English-language editions will now have prices similar to the editions in other languages.

We look forward to bringing you our new releases and our old favorites. Thanks for putting us on the table.

the CGE Team