Specification: Paperback Novel
Author: Jason A. Holt
Cover illustrator: Tomáš Kučerovský
Year: 2017
Inspired by game: Galaxy Trucker
English eBook

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Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is the story of a woman and an alien trying to deliver a load of sewer pipes. It's the sort of science fiction novel in which a trucker driving faster than light can check her rearview mirror. So, yes, it is a little silly. And sometimes it's also sweet. It's set in Vlaada Chvátil's goofy Galaxy Trucker universe, so you know you can expect lots of laughs and probably a few explosions.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver speaking. We seem to have encountered a stretch of rocky road. By company policy, I am encouraged to remind you that your safety is not guaranteed. Please utilize the nearest escape pod if you wish to discontinue your flight..."

Hitch a ride with hardcore trucker Francesca Flores, and Wally, the little brown alien who wants to be her buddy. Begin the adventurous journey with the first chapter (pdf).

Jason A. Holt, the award-winning author of CGE rulebooks (Golden Feder 2015 for Alchemists), is also the author of this novel, the very first book published by CGE.