2014-09-24The Tash-Kalar Changes Revealed!

The Tash-Kalar Changes Revealed!We already announced that the new edition is ready for release at Spiel 2014 in Essen. Now, we would like to share some more details with you, and show you the upgraded graphics.

This Tash-Kalar edition will have higher-quality cardboard, upgraded graphic design of all the cardboard components and both the task and flare cards. We are also preparing an upgrade pack for those who already own Tash-Kalar, so you can have your Tash-Kalar all shiny and new :). This upgrade pack will be available in Essen, as well as the new edition of the base game and the Everfrost expansion.

First, let's have a look at the game board - the Arena itself. We added more of a 3D feeling to the arena and redesigned the board to add more details.

The Tash-Kalar Changes Revealed! (boards)

With the tokens, we went for darker and richer colors, and as you can see, a more detailed weapon symbol.

The Tash-Kalar Changes Revealed! (tokens)

The last piece of cardboard that has changed are the score boards with more beautiful illustrations.

The Tash-Kalar Changes Revealed! (scoring)

All of the cardboard components - the game board, the tokens and the progress boards will now be made of thicker cardboard for easier handling.

The being cards remained unchanged. What we changed significantly however, are flare and task cards. The texts remained the same, but look at the design changes:

The Tash-Kalar Changes Revealed! (cards)

And if you are worried about the compatibility of the expansion deck with the first edition of the game - don't be! It is fully compatible - the reverse side of the cards remains unchanged, and the tokens and board are of the same size. So you will be able to play Everfrost with both the first and second edition of Tash-Kalar.

That’s almost all, but one last (perhaps the best) thing. You might be wondering about the prices. In Essen, the new edition of base game will cost 25 EUR. The Upgrade pack that contains all the cardboard and the changed cards will be 5 EUR. And if you buy the Everfrost expansion deck for 10 EUR, you will get the Upgrade pack for free.

We hope all of this is good news to you and hope to see you soon in Essen!

CGE Team