2014-10-13Essen Releases Available in German + Bonus Artifact

Essen Releases Available in German + Bonus ArtifactHey everyone, and especially people attending Spiel 2014!

To those of you who subscribe to our newsletter, we sent you a nice shiny message a couple of days ago about our new games for Essen. But we kept to ourselves one important piece of good news.

We will have both Alchemists and the new Tash-Kalar Everfrost expansion in German language there too. We were not sure until the last moment, but happily, we made it!

Also, please don't forget to stop by our booth 1-D140 for some goodies. We have an exclusive bonus card for Alchemists prepared - an extra artifact. Have a look:

Alchemists - bonus card

And now, let's head to Germany :) Hope to see you there!