2014-10-23Alchemists: +/− counters

Alchemists: +/− counters

To our fellow Alchemists, the mighty academics who attended Spiel 14 in Essen:

We would like to address the issue that some of you have already noticed about our new game Alchemists. We are glad that the game got so much attention and was very popular, but we know that not everything is yet as great as it could be (and should be).

The +/- tokens that you place into the base screen to mark your potions are not the perfect size, although the game is still perfectly playable without it. Please see the picture below, which shows that you can put the tokens into the triangle quite well. We've tried it ourselves, and they shouldn't fall out of the screen, which is probably your main concern.

However, we are already having new, smaller tokens printed for you and we will be sending it out to you directly from the printer's.

So please, if you are among the first ones who bought the game in Essen let us know if you would like to receive the replacement for those tokens by filling in the form so that we can send you the tokens asap.

If you have already sent us an email to our support address, there is no need to also fill in the form. We will get back to you via email instead.

We are sorry for the trouble, hoping that you are enjoying the game for now, even with the tokens you have, while you wait for the new ones.