2014-11-06Alchemists app download links

Alchemists app download links

Hey everyone!

We hope that you've already managed to try at least half of all the new Essen games that you brought home with you :) Among which might also be Alchemists - our new game that uses a mobile app to help you mix potions in your lab. The app is now available not just for iOS and Android, but also for Windows devices. Here are the links: iTunes  /  Google Play  /  Microsoft store.

If, for whatever reason, you don't want to use the mobile app, you can still use the web-based version or play with one player acting as the game master.

And if you've already played the game so much that you are running low on the record sheets you can download more for print…


Alchemists app download links - overview


So happy mixing and remember to use caution in your experiments (the students you test on will be grateful) :)