Galaxy Trucker - One Year Anniversary and digital Through the Ages news

A huge thing happened one year ago! On 29th September 2014, digital Galaxy Trucker landed on iOS devices and a great adventure began.

Since then, the app was translated into seven languages, adapted to another three platforms, and the players all around the galaxy enjoyed the funny campaign and unique multiplayer missions.

Let's celebrate!

Join in the party and wish the app a happy 1st birthday by sending us something nice on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #bestwishesGTdigital. You have until the 6th October. The 10 most original messages will receive a Galaxy Trucker app promo code (iOS or Windows Phone) and a T-shirt.

New content

Galaxy Trucker - One Year AnniversaryWe also wanted to do something else to celebrate the birthday, but baking cakes is not something a galaxy trucker is good at. So instead, how about some new content?

This is still in development, but if you visit our booth D 140, Hall 1, at Spiel in Essen, you can get a sneak peek look at Alien Technologies - the first DLC (DownLoadable Content) for Galaxy Trucker.

Construct brand new alien ships using new components and reveal new adventure cards. Alien Technologies will focus on the single player experience, but will also come with fresh multiplayer content. So stop by and give a play!

Digital Through the Ages

digital Through the AgesAnd did you hear about the new app we are planning for Spring 2016?

It is the stunning conversion of Through the Ages to the digital age. The digital adaptation is based on the revised version of Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization, newly balanced and updated. We have put a lot of effort into adapting it for mobile touch devices. You can play against AI or with other players in pass & play mode or online with players all over the world. The game is still in development, but you will be able to see most of the concepts in action and try it for yourself in Essen too.