Alien Technologies expand the known galaxy!

Alien Technologies expand the known galaxy!Hello Trucker!

After firing a dog into space and the first steps on the Moon, the next big event in the history of the galaxy is just around the corner.

Whether you are a seasoned pilot at the end of the campaign, or just enjoying making a few short flights, more adventure awaits you with the Alien Technologies premium expansion for the Galaxy Trucker app.

The cost of a ticket for this cosmic adventure is $4.99/4,99 €.

The Alien Technologies expansion allows you to:

  • play 42 single-player challenges
  • use 15 new types of ship components, including the space catapult!
  • fly an unlimited variety of new ship designs
  • employ new aliens, explore new adventures
  • meet new characters and revisit old friends from the campaign
  • play multiplayer missions specially designed for this expansion

We know, we know. It's lot of stuff and it can be a challenge to deliver the cargo under these new conditions. But if you are not up for the challenge, who is?

Don't forget to have fun and use the catapult at the right time!

Alien Technologies expand the known galaxy!