Spiel'17: Sneak previews, BGG contest and much more!

Spiel'17: Sneak previews, BGG contest and much more!


As you surely know, Essen Spiel'17 starts in a week and it's time for a quick reminder of some things you might be interested in.


Have a brief overview of all that stuff you can look forward to from CGE:


  • Pulsar 2849 – a Euro-style game set in a galaxy with unique dice usage and various paths to victory. Do we need to say more?
  • Codenames: Duet – a co-op version for 2 or more players with 400 new words. Includes extra mission maps as a promo in Essen!
  • That's a Question! – Vlaada's new party game with tricky questions and learning new things about your friends.
  • Tash-Kalar: Etherweave – another expansion, the new Warp Effect which will allow you to use the effect of an arcane being, that will be summoned in future, right now.
  • Through the Ages app – a digital implementation of the 2nd highest-rated game on BGG.
  • Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road – a novel whose story is set in Vlaada's goofy Galaxy Trucker universe, so you know you can expect lots of laughs and probably a few explosions...

You can ensure that you will get a copy of any of our new titles, or any of our older ones, by completing this simple form. Please note that pre-orders closes on Monday, Oct 23rd at 12 noon GMT. We will also bring some bonuses such as mission maps for Codenames: Duet, new packs of words, badges, and more.

You can also try out one of our new games in Essen. Our demo team will explain rules in English or German and you will be able to play Pulsar 2849, Codenames: Duet, or That's a Question! See you at Booth F145, Hall 1.

Want to know more about our big game Pulsar 2849 right now?

Then check out this fantastic set of sneak previews prepared by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules!. Or see the rules, beautifully illustrated by the talented German illustrator Sören Meding, and with incredible graphic design of our own Filip. Both of them will be at our booth as well.

What’s new in our digital department?

A lot! The newly-released Through the Ages, Galaxy Trucker, with an expansion, and the latest test version of Codenames will be demoed there.

Want to meet Vlaada to say hello or kindly ask him to sign a game?

Feel free to stop by each day from 2 to 4 PM. He is well-known for always being busy, so it might be that he has to be at another appointment, but mostly he will be at our booth.

Join the CGE contest and win the titles for this season?
As always, you will have to do your research, or be very lucky. It runs until Tuesday 24th Oct.

For all of you attending Spiel, we are looking forward to meeting you.

The very excited CGE team

Spiel'17: Sneak previews, BGG contest and much more!