First Anniversary of Through the Ages app

Thank you all for the marvelous year you have spent with us playing Through the Ages. Over the course of almost 160,000 finished online games, you have generated over 46.5 millions of the culture points – that’s a remarkable trace through this virtual world’s history.

That’s not even including the massive amount of single-player games you’ve played! 40,767 brave leaders conquered at least one challenge and 689 mastered all of them. The 35 most devoted heroes have gathered every achievement the game offers!

Regardless if you play online or not, you all took part in the game’s history and you deserve to know how grateful we are, and that seeing you enjoy the game makes us so happy.

On top of that, exciting updates are being worked on (a big one is coming soon) and early next year, we will release a brand new expansion with new leaders and wonders.

Wish us luck, stay tuned, and stay as great as you are!

First Anniversary of Through the Ages app