Codenames: Duet XXL is about to hit the shelves!

Codenames: Duet XXL (box)All of you word-associative-game lovers move in a little bit closer and let us tell you about the newest release.

Codenames: Duet, the cooperative version for two players or two teams is now double–sized.

Why does it matter? Same as the predecessors Codenames XXL or Pictures XXL it simply brings:

  • "both easier and more satisfying to play" (I Slay the Dragon)
  • "ease of play unless I carry the small game while travelling" (
  • "400 cards, which are more clear, the playing field will be better visible" (3rd Strike)

Starting tomorrow, you should be able to find Codenames: Duet XXL (so far in English, followed by German language next week) at your favorite hobby store for a price around $40.

You can also try it in the Origins Game Fair demo room outside the exhibit hall C and booth number 921 two weeks from now.

Welcome this oversized member of the Codenames family and don't mistake RUBBER with Robber, or MINOTAUR with Miniature anymore.

Codenames: Duet XXL (card comparison and insert)

Warning: We can't guarantee that this XXL version will help you to prevent say: Liquid, even the Assassin is the WATER word (#TrueStory). It's a risk of the Codenames game and you know what we’re talking about.