Essen Spiel 2019 was awesome!

Thank you to all the fans who came by and played games, talked to us, or bought games to take home! This was one of our favorite Spiels ever. We enjoyed demoing Letter Jam and Sanctum, and we really loved everyone’s photos they entered into the #PlayLetterJam contest.

Enjoying Letter Jam

Enjoying Sanctum

We're especially grateful for all the interest in Sanctum — which sold out! Geek Buzz voters took the game to 5th on the charts during the show at one point and helped the game to end at 21st place overall. We love this game, so we’re happy to see players seem to enjoy it too.


In fact, all four of our new titles for the year (Codenames Duet XXL, Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders, Letter Jam, and Sanctum) made the top 100 on GeekBuzz. Thank you so much to anyone who voted!

We also took part in the brand new Wednesday Preview Gaming Night, and that was a hit. Our Sanctum table was busy from the moment it opened, which blew our mind (in a good way).

Preview Gaming Night

The response to Letter Jam was also incredible. We had daily demos with Paul Grogan from The Gaming Rules!, and we loved watching all the players laugh, smile, and ... stare at their letters in intense concentration.

The Gaming Rules!

More Language Editions of Sanctum, Letter Jam, and Through the Ages expansion

Letter Jam



For those who loved the game but didn’t see it in their language at Spiel, we have some new plans: Letter Jam will be published in Italian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish (in addition to it already being out in English, German, and French).



Sanctum will also be published in several languages. Look for it in Czech, German, Spanish, French, and Polish during December 2019. North American fans can expect the game in English in February 2020.
After that, the second printing will include Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders


Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders is still held up at the printer due to an error with card back colors. Next week, we should know more about when it will release. For now, we do know what languages it will come in: English, German, Italian, French, Polish, Russian, Korean, and Czech. Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese may also be in the works. Dates of the language releases might differ.


Thanks again!

Didn't catch us at Spiel? We'll be at BGG.Con and PAX Unplugged in November and December in the U.S.!

And last but not least … it’s hard to describe just how great Spiel was using words alone. So we’ll try a short video! Enjoy, and we’ll see you at the next one.